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Consultancy Service

Our insight service will help you understand more about your customers, employees and users so that you can create the right products and programmes to raise activity levels. We can interpret data and guide you to make the right decision for you and your Club or organisation.

Understanding the local landscape:

  • Provide an overview of the current health and physical activity picture within Wiltshire & Swindon as a whole, and within specific areas (local profiles). This information will act as a base for organisations to better understand a range of demographics and key target groups, as well as sourcing potential opportunities for future development.

Provide resources for partner organisations:

  • Support external organisations to make use of key data and market our services for bespoke support.  For example – in the event of a sports club seeing a drop in membership or participation figures, we can signpost them to our ‘sports’ service to provide further strategic support.
  • Depending on the level of support needed, we will need to determine whether the service will be provided as part of a ‘core’ offering, or whether it will be charged.

Commissioned research pieces:

  • We can carry out in depth primary research on behalf of an organisation to help them make more informed decisions and better understand their audiences.
  • Provide expertise across a range of services including feasibility studies, local research, and wider consultation.

Impact measurement (Bespoke):

  • Similar to the in house monitoring and evaluation, this service can be tailored to organisational needs and requirements.
  • WASP can design surveys, questionnaires etc. to be used for monitoring and evaluation by external organisations.

Before designing and deploying monitoring and evaluation tools, we will;

  • Set out clear objectives
  • Determine what we are going to measure (the key indicators)
  • How we will measure it


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