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Want to Get YOUR SCHOOL Active!

Take the 5 day challengeGet children (and adults) into the habit of doing 5 exercises a day with these fun cards, 5 a day challenge charts and activity packs.

Encourage groups to deal their 5 activities and choose from basics, level 1, level 2 and level 3. You can even mix the packs to vary the degree of challenge.

Cards are grouped to develop:
* Flexibility & Mobility
* Co-ordination
* Movement patterns
* Rythmn & Timing
* Balance
* Core
* Reaction
There are even some Jokers to add any other dimension.

Book one of our activity days to ensure children understand each activity and add your own reward system for those that complete so many days.

For those keen to earn our badges then look out for our sports days.

To book or find out more please contact me: Rachel, rachel@pentathlonhereford.uk  /  07568 503443

Take the 5 day challenge

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