Nutrition and Hydration for Physical Activity

Nutrition and Hydration for Physical ActivityBecoming active, increasing your activity levels or even changing the types of activities you take part in can have a huge effect on the nutrition and hydration requirements for any individual.


There is a strong correlation between diet and exercise when it comes to what makes a healthy individual and as a Coach it is easy to become lost in the science of diet and nutrition or to feel pressured to understand this area as people motivations often tend to be linked to this area.

This section of our website aims to provide you with some basic principles of how to present information regarding Nutrition and Hydration for your participants.

Five easy to remember practical tips for helping your participants understand nutrition and hydration when starting out in physical activity.

Nutrition and Hydration for Physical Activity

For more information and advice regarding diet, nutrition and hydration check out these links:

NHS Eat Well Guide – Healthy Eating Guide

British Nutrition Foundation – Basics on Nutrition

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