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9365044 dec This month, we’ll be supporting schools to tackle the challenge of physical inactivity and wellbeing of young people in school.

It has been reported active children achieve up to 33% better than their inactive peers. Ensuring the integration of physical activity into the school day and beyond has never been more important to impact the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of young people.


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Youth Sport Trust CEO Ali Oliver -

How schools can tackle the physical inactivity and wellbeing of young people.

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Active 30:30

ACTIVE 30:30

60 minutes, every child, every day.

Achieve the government ambition of 30 active minutes in school and influence the remaining 30 minutes at home, clubs or in the community.

Made up of 10 sequential steps, the Active 30:30 resource pack helps practitioners to create an active school through techniques such as active play, active transport and active classrooms.

Included in the resource is a step by step practitioner guide, review templates, planning documents, certificates, resource cards and an interactive cube and ball.

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Multi-ability approach to physical literacy for ages 7-11.

Practitioner resources and training for delivery of high quality PE, including athletics, dance, games, gymnastics and challenge.

FIND OUT MORE - http://bit.ly/2B4G8qp



Developing physical literacy in children aged 4-7. 

Practitioner resources and training to deliver fundamental movement skills of stability, object control and locomotion.

FIND OUT MORE - http://bit.ly/2B9KjBo


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