Walking Home For Christmas

wwtw image 6Walking Home For Christmas is Walking With The Wounded’s annual, mass participation campaign for members of the public to serve those who served us by doing a fundraising walk of their own. The event raises money to support ex-servicemen and women with mental, physical or social injuries (such as homelessness) back into independence and employment and able to support themselves and their loved ones next Christmas.

When is it? Friday 8th – Sunday 17th December (although participants can do their walk outside of these dates)

How does it work?

  1. Sign up via www.WalkingHomeForChristmas.com  (£10+postage charge to help cover costs)
  2. Set up a JustGiving page as part of the sign up process
  3. Receive a pack with a branded Santa hat, ideas and fundraising tips e.g. a sweepstake sheet.
  4. Raise money for the cause and get walking anytime between 8th - 17th.

Do people have to walk home? No. Participants can walk any distance, any where, any time. The beauty of the campaign is the individual stories and ideas people come up with.

Most people walk home from work, to a friend’s house, to a relative’s house, get off the train a stop early, walk to the park & ride, walk to a party or organise a walk between points of interest with friends… doing something different to make a difference.

whfc flyer 1 page 0Walkers v Organisers? Participants can sign up as walkers or organisers.

  • Walkers receive a pack including a branded Santa hat and bag, fundraising tips and tools e.g. a sweepstake sheet, and details about where their money goes.
  • Organisers
    • o Receive a bigger pack with more information on organising a group walk and items to aid recruitment e.g. template poster, stickers, invites etc.
    • o Are able to create a walk event on the WHFC website which will be listed on our map. They will have their own event page with its own sign up link on it which they can send to their friends to recruit them to the walk.
    • o Can see how many people have signed up to their walk and see their impact.
    • o Anyone who signs up 25 people or more will earn an exclusive WWTW WOLSEY waterproof jacket worth £175 courtesy of Wolsey (50 available and subject to size availability)

Who are WOLSEY? Title sponsors this year. A leisure wear company with a Royal Warrant that supplied Captain Scott, Roald Amundsen and Ernest Shackleton with woollies on their Antarctic expeditions and supplied millions of items to British and Allied troops in WWI.   

Target audience? Ex military, reserves and serving military and companies and organisations signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant.

  • Registration open: WalkingHomeForChristmas.com
  • Warming up current supporters and past participants
  • Promotional roadshows (drinks evenings) in Leeds  16 Oct, Sheffield 17 Oct , Nottingham 18 Oct, London 24 Oct, Norwich 26 Oct and Newcastle 1 Nov

whfc flyer 1 page 1(full dates and details here: https://wwtw.org.uk/Home/News/43)

Poster to print off pdfwhfc-flyer 1.pdf1.18 MB
  • Launch event at Wolsey’s London store (early Nov).
  • Walks taking place from Friday 8th December – Sunday 17th

 How can employers get involved?

  1. Spread the word – send out www.WalkingHomeForChristmas.com to their staff as something fun to do to get active and use it to gain points for their Workplace Challenge commitments.
  1. Staff/customer/supplier engagement – Encouraged/incentivised to take part e.g. leave early/matched funding/drinks event/competition element etc. Opportunity for positive local PR showing support for Armed Forces in local media, website blogs, internal newsletters and social media.
  1. Point of sale in store or online – WHFC flyers, collection tin, donations.

Event website: www.WalkingHomeForChristmas.com

Event hashtag: #WalkingHomeForChristmas



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