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parkrun UK teams up with RCGP to 'prescribe' active lifestyles to patients and practice staff


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      Information about becoming a parkrun practice can be found at:


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Patient case study
Scott Wishart from Tonbridge parkrun says:  "In 2011 I saw my doctor suffering from quite severe pains in my chest around the heart, and after nothing abnormal turning up on an ECG       scan I was referred to Maidstone Hospital for further investigation. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were tested and deemed to be rather high for my age. I was 39 at the time and not really overweight, but physically unfit, so the NHS specialist recommended that I improve my lifestyle and do something active such as running. The alternative, and partly influenced by family history, was to start taking statins if things hadn't changed in six months. Less than one year later in 2012 I ran my first London Marathon (again in 2017) and began taking part in Tonbridge parkrun in 2016. I have had my cholesterol tested regularly over the years and all is good. The advice from the NHS helped me avoid taking medication for the rest of my life."
GP case study

Dr Michael Banna, a GP Partner in West Sussex says:

"When I first started losing weight, I used parkrun to help me get into the social element of running, and in a bid to try to enjoy something I had always hated. I was overwhelmed by how kind and supportive everyone involved was, from the Tail Walkers and other volunteers to the friends and family spectating. parkrun consistently demonstrated a community feel, and although I've always been a bit of a fair-weather parkrunner, I've moved from a place of doing it as something I felt I should do to lose weight to doing it for fun and enjoyment - something I truly never thought I would say. parkrun is a great way to get into increasing exercise and activity levels, and one of its greatest strengths is its accessibility to people of all levels of ability and experience. I recently did a parkrun with a friend who did it with a 70 kilogram sandbag on his back as practice for a charity event he was doing the week after, and I was absolutely blown away by the amount of support and encouragement he received throughout the event. I am always happy to recommend parkrun to patients, and indeed anyone looking to become more active in a supportive and enjoyable environment."

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