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Walking Tennis in Salisbury

Learning Disability Large 1I am writing to you on behalf of the charity Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire based here in Wilton Road, Salisbury.

We work with adults who have an acquired brain injury. The definition of an ABI encompasses any form of brain injury that has occurred since birth. Causes may include road traffic accidents, falls, assaults, strokes, viral infections, brain tumours, and injuries due to lack of oxygen. The impact of an ABI is often both sudden and devastating, and the effects can be physical, emotional, and cognitive. It can shatter families and leave survivors in desperate need of practical support. A brain injury and its consequent impacts can last a lifetime, change every aspect of an individual, and leave them with physical, cognitive, and/or sensory disabilities. 

As part of a programme of varied activities, we have worked with Victoria Park Tennis and Five Rivers Leisure Centre to organise a series of walking tennis sessions - the next session is Friday 15th June and then they are held weekly (from 14:00 - 15:00) at Five Rivers Leisure Centre until July 20th. 

Funding for this activity came from B.O.O.S.T. Charitable Trust (Build On Overlooked Sporting Talent) so the cost to the individual is only £3 per session.

For further details, and to check eligibility, speak to Wendy (07948 446573) or Sarah Allen (07725 827869) the Service Manager at Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire.

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