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Tennis players of Swindon - we want you!

logoWhat can we expect? A Federer backhand? A cheeky Murray chip? A Sampras-esk serve? A quiet revolution is going on in grassroots tennis and you can be involved. Local Tennis Leagues run 165+ friendly, competitive tennis leagues throughout the UK.

The leagues pit similar level opponents up against each other in a round-robin format.

Entering your local tennis league gives you the chance to win a free tube of tennis balls just for taking part, free British Tennis Membership (meaning entry into the Wimbledon ballot) and a prize for topping your league!

The Swindon League is your most local league - with regular matches taking place throughout the area. You choose where you play, meaning friendly, competitive tennis really is on your doorstep! Leagues run on a regular basis, if you'd like to sign-up to an upcoming round, please visit the Swindon page here.

For all the information on Local Tennis Leagues, visit www.localtennisleagues.com.

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