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It was set up in awareness of the sedentary lifestyles of many children and adults with Down’s syndrome and the subsequent health problems associated with inactivity, including obesity.

People with Down’s syndrome also have a range of health conditions which can contribute to weight related conditions e.g. slower metabolism, hypothyroidism, hypotonia, hypermobility

Since joining a DSActive session, 27% have lost weight, 68% have improved fitness, 78% have improved physical ability and over 91% have improved their social skills. We currently have over 60 football and tennis sessions all across England and Wales with over 800 participants regularly playing sport.

What we do
– Participation – Our main aim is to increase the number of people with Down’s syndrome who are being active.
– Marketing – We can market our sessions through targeted mail outs to members of the Down’s Syndrome Association within a certain radius of the new session. We also promote the sessions through our social media platforms, website and local Down’s syndrome support groups.
– Education – We provide each of our clubs with a coach education module, which details Down’s syndrome as a condition and how best to work with the unique learning profile typically associated with people with Down’s syndrome.
– Festivals – We provide festivals for our clubs to participate in, where the focus is very much on participation and on having fun.
– Coachability – So far we have helped 16 people with Down’s syndrome to achieve their FA Level 1 coaching qualification.
– Nutrition campaign - Our latest campaign to provide more information on a healthy diet for people with Down’s syndrome.

Down Syndrome ActiveOur aims for the South West
- To increase participation levels at our existing clubs
- To provide more opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome to be active, including new football and tennis clubs, and through non-sporting activities
- Work with other organisations in the South West

For more information contact:  Alex Rawle, DSActive Project Manager, alex.rawle@downs-syndrome.org.uk, 0333 1212 300

Courses and Events

Wed Jan 23 @12:30AM - 05:30PM
Boys Basketball School Games
Thu Jan 24 @ 4:00PM - 05:30PM
Power of an Active School
Tue Jan 29 @ 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Emergency First Response in Swindon
Tue Feb 05 @ 6:30PM - 09:30PM
Safeguarding & Protecting Children in Trowbridge - FULLY BOOKED
Tue Mar 05 @ 6:30PM - 09:30PM
Safeguarding & Protecting Children in Trowbridge
Wed Mar 06 @ 6:30PM - 09:30PM
Safeguarding & Protecting Children in Swindon

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