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West Wiltshire Dance Festival 2017

pic 4The 2017 West Wiltshire School Dance Festival was held at the amazing venue of The Forum  Bath  21st, 22nd ,23rd February 2017 . Our 3 day event established in 2016 means more schools  are able to preform , more children and more audience to soak up the atmosphere in the fabulous venue at the Forum, in Bath.

The  2017 theme was  Dare to Dream.

Caroline 'The Dane Lady' tells us about this years event.

We would of never dreamed of the enthusiasm dedication and love towards the Dance Festival event  that is contained around every aspect of it, from the planning & preparation, rehearsals, choreography choice and so much more.

As someone who has been involved with the festival since its humble beginnings over 10 years ago. I think the factor that stands out for me about the festival is the inclusiveness of the event. Any child regardless of age ability or confidence can dance on that stage. Every year I am told by teachers & parents how the festival has effected certain pupils and even entire classes. Un-Confident children have suddenly found an inner confidence. Children who are challenged in other areas of learning, suddenly are able to shine when preforming. A real educator for life skills, for me that's what its all about.


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