What is the Active People Survey?

21Active People Survey (APS) measures the number of adults taking part in sport across England

Carried out on behalf of Sport England by the leading social research company TNS BMRB, it provides the most comprehensive and authoritative picture of sports participation in England. APS is central to Sport England’s measurement of its own strategy and the performance of key partners. 

Key features of APS

APS results are published every six months. The latest findings, for the year to September 2016, were published in December 2016. These will be the last set of results from the Active People Survey.

How does it work?

High quality survey design including:

  • Randomly sampled landline telephone interviews with adults aged 16 and over – extended to age 14 and over in July 2012
  • Calls are made throughout the year and at different times across each day
  • 500 interviews per local authority (district and single tier) each year

WASP interprets these findings to gain insight on the sporting landscape of Wiltshire and Swindon:

Our insight service will help you understand more about your customers, employees and users so that you can create the right products and programmes to raise activity levels. We can interpret data and guide you to make the right decision for your team or organisation. 

Some Facts from the Active People Survey:

Data Set: (Ages 16+)   (Sports participation three or more times a week)

-         Swindon continues to see a year on year increase in sports participation (three or more times a week) with 19.5% of the population (16+) taking part in sport

-         Wiltshire has also seen an increase in participation on last year with 19.6% of the population taking part in sport. This figure however is down on that of 2013/14.

Data Set: (Ages 16+)   (Latent Demand)

-         Both Swindon and Wiltshire have seen year on year growth in overall latent demand from 2013/14. Latent demand now stands at 56% (Swindon) and 62% (Wiltshire)

Data Set: (Ages 65+)   (Sports Participation at least once a week)

-         Over 65s participation in sport has grown on last year, and is now up to 18.4% - a three year high

Data Set: (Ages 16+)   (Those with a limiting illness or disability) (Sports participation at least once a week)

-         Whilst there has been no significant change in participation figures from 2014/15 to 2015/16, participation rates for those with a limiting illness or disability in 2015/16 is down over 6% from 2013/14

Data Set: (Ages 16+)   (Sports participation at least once a week) (Male)

-         Sports participation is down on last year, but is fairly stable across the previous 3 years

Data Set: (Ages 16+)   (Sports participation at least once a week) (Female)

-         2015/16 has seen a drop in female participation in sport, with figures down 2.5% on 2013/14 levels

Data Set: (Children aged 15 and under)   (Sports participation at least once a week)

-         Whilst participation figures have dropped since last year, they remain fairly stable on figures from 2013/14

Data Set: (Ages 16+)   (Sports participation three or more times a week – NI8)

-         Participation has decreased annually over the past 3 years, and now stands at 25% compared to 27.2% in 2013/14

If you would like to find out more about insight into the landscape of sport and physical activity in Wiltshire and Swindon please contact our Research Assistant - Ben Girling on Ben@wiltssport.org.uk or call the office on 01225 781500.

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