Primary School Partnership Check and Challenge Tool

This simple-to-use checklist has been developed to support partners involved in providing sport activities for children in primary schools. It is intended to help ensure that young participants will be safe and looked after while involved in these activities.



The provision of high quality sport and physical education makes a significant contribution to children’s well-being and development. It helps children to become healthy and active and can improve self-esteem and confidence.

In 2013 the government announced a £150 million Olympic legacy boost that aims to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. With a strengthened coverage of PE and sport provision by Ofsted in their Inspector’s Handbook it will ensure the maximum benefit to pupils and help measure its impact. It is important to address safeguarding in light of these changes. This tool will help ensure that children are protected and that they make the most out of their experiences by helping schools fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities.

However, challenges can arise when two or more partners (e.g. a school, sports club, FE colleges, Local Authority Sports Development Office, County Sports Partnership or independent coaching provider) are involved in arrangements for delivering a particular activity.
Situations have arisen where children have been put at risk or actually harmed either because adequate safeguards were not in place or because partners were unclear about their respective responsibilities.

It is therefore vital that everyone involved in this delivery process is confident that all appropriate steps have been taken to safeguard the children involved.

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