British Triathlon Activator Award

british triathlonAll sports need inspirational individuals who motivate people to take part and stay involved in sporting activity.

The solution is the Activator who could be quite simply anyone - an interested parent, spouse, sibling, an active triathlete, a qualified coach or Technical Official. Activators may take on a variety of roles depending on their environment, ranging from welcoming people to organising activities and leading the activity (not coaching it). The common theme is that Activators provide training opportunities for participants in an inspirational fun social manner, leading them to return to the sessions again and again. A perfect option for someone who might want more of a role in a club but might not feel confident to take the leap to becoming a qualified coach or indeed become a technical official.


There are three separate activator based programmes in development and being piloted:

  • Activator: Young People Award
  • Activator: Community Award
  • Activator: Open Water Award