Movement and Dance

Exercise, move and dance – that’s what we want people to do!

Exercise, move and dance – that’s what we want people to do. That as a nation is what we need people to do. Exercise more, move more and dance more – it makes people a whole lot healthier and happier.

That’s why EMDP have started a campaign to urge 20,000 new movers to take up activities that include these three elements – exercising, moving and dancing. It could be Fit Steps, Just Jhoom Bollywood Dance, Zumba, Keep Fit, Bagot Stack, Wheelchair Dance, Cheerleading, Bokwa or Medau – whatever it is that gets you going. 

Visit the website to ‘Join the Movement!’ search local classes and receive the latest news and opportunities from the dance fitness sector, workout plans, healthy recipes, prize giveaways and enter competitions. The Team at Exercise, Move, Dance will even send you some free kit after your first class to say well-done and keep up the good work.

#JointheMovement today !

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