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British Canoe Union, Canoe England & GB Canoeing will soon be known collectively as British Canoeing. 

The BCU is launching a new look and feel for canoeing – which goes right to the heart of what our sport is about. The BCU want to help and inspire people to go canoeing! it’s more than a superficial re-brand, it’s all about making sure the BCU is relevant to you and to new paddlers. Our research has got us under the skin of canoeists and by knowing what makes you tick, we can represent you better and attract more people into our fantastic sport. As a result of talking with paddlers up and down the country, we’ve developed a look that is fundamentally about a positive attitude. it’s about people who do ...

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For details of their new 'Can Do' Scheme for Canoeing:- http://www.canoe-england.org.uk/media/pdf/Can_Do_April_Canoe_Focus.pdf

Canoe means ‘can do’. it’s a state of mind.
Can do it by myself. Can make it. Can do anything.
Canoeing is a way of life, it’s liberating, it’s an adventure and it’s fun.
It is about succeeding and winning, it’s about helping others to succeed and develop.
On the water you are part and parcel of nature, it’s a feeling. it’s soul enhancing, it’s calm.
It’s your time, it’s family time, it’s challenge time.
Most importantly, it provides a feel good factor that you don’t find anywhere else.


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