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Badminton Schools Newsletter

It’s been a great term, we have seen loads of badminton action throughout the first rounds of our National Schools Competition as well as out on our PE Takeover Tour.  There's loads of great stuff happening in preparation for the new term, we wanted to share some of the highlights with you below. 
Also, don't miss your chance to grab FREE tickets for your school to see the world's best in action at the stunning Barclaycard Arena, from 8-13 March 2016, further details are below. 
Following the massive success of the PE Takeover Tour, we will be running a SmashUp! week from 
Monday 25 to Friday 29 January 2016, incuding the chance to win £250 vouchers for your school. READ MORE.
Also, enjoy some images from the PE Takeover Tour action from Harrogate to Chippenham (via London) HERE.   
Recently took part in the PE Takeover Tour? or new to SmashUp!? We want you to use our new reporting tool to give us feedback. READ MORE.
You should have received a separate email with your login details and user guide, if not please contact us at smashup@badmintonengland.co.uk.
Share your SmashUp! gamescores on our Virtual League for the chance to win £250 vouchers for your school.
We will keep you up-to-date with the leaderboard via Twitter @playbadminton and your termly newsletter. READ MORE.
To help keep your SmashUp! sessions fun, fresh and engaging, find some useful tips HERE.
Keep an eye out for your new SmashUp! posters coming your way in the New Year to help promote your sessions.
We have extended the deadline to apply for your FREE Yonex All England 2016 tickets.
Be inspired by the world's best players and watch history in the making!  We're offering you the chance to request up to 50 tickets* 
Deadline to request tickets: Monday 14 December 2015.
Want more tickets? You can also buy additional tickets for only £1 each! To redeem this offer you must purchase over the phone and quote 'SchoolQuids'. 

For school party bookings please call 0800 358 0058 (opening hours 8am – 5pm Mon-Fri).

*Applies to tickets from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 March 2016. See full terms on sign-up form.
We host a whole range of free school resources on our website?  Take a look here.

Also check out our new education hub, which is full of resources and useful information for your school HERE.

Want to share your ideas? Let us know.
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