Archery GB and its facility requirements

Over the last ten years the number of people taking part in archery has risen considerably.Archery

In order to support and sustain this growth, together with Sport England, we are devoting our attention to how the current facility stock can be increased and improved. Outside of the archery club and membership network, there is a belief that the wider sports development and facility owning community can play a role in supporting the growth of the sport.

Archery is a playing field sport which takes place throughout the year, with the main season for participation and competition being the summer. The sport can also easily and effectively be practised indoors. An average sports hall is a common source of indoor space for the sport, but even smaller spaces such as community centres and dance studios, can also be used to either train in and/or shoot arrows.

We have published a minimum set of standards for archer venues and although not all venues meet this standard, we are attempting to support as many venues as possible to make improvements over the coming years so that they do meet the standards. Two of the most pressing needs are access to changing rooms/clubhouses and suitable signage at venues. 

With a little understanding and knowledge a range can be set up to cater for adults and children at the same time and most facilities will be able to incorporate all standards of archer. With a little consideration ranges can effectively be used by those with physical impairments. As little as 70 metres in length would allow you to set up an outdoor shooting range and a three court sports hall would allow a good indoor practice session.

In order to support the growth of the sport, we are looking to hear from any party interested in creating or supporting a new archery venue.

Further information on archery facilities is available from our Facilities Strategy and a more detailed insight into the technical elements of shooting grounds can be gained by reading our Technical Guidance document.

For more specific help or advice about a facility and its suitability for archery you can contact our Development Team on 01952 602 795. Alternatively you could make contact with your local club (The Archery GB Club Finder is available here). We do not have regional staff, but we do have a network of voluntary County Development Co-ordinators and Judges who can offer help and support when deciding if venues can be safely used for archery.

David Reader, Head of Development     Archery GB Website - http://www.archerygb.org/home.php

November, 2014.

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