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Sportivate support Street Games Swindon with Funding

Street Games Swindon look to encourage 14- 25 year olds from deprived areas of Swindon to take part in sporting activities. The main reasons are to increase their confidence, give them a focus and get them out of their rooms and off the streets into venues where our sessions are being run. We also have a volunteering strand that offers opportunities for 16- 25 year olds to gain experience and qualifications and go back into work, education or link to a local sports club to process further.Swindon Street Games

We have received a huge amount of support from WASP on this through the Sportivate funding to extend our offer and provide more free sports to those who simply can’t afford it.

Project one is a Street Dance Sportivate project, currently under way, money was included in this grant to put one of our volunteering, currently unemployed and from a deprive area of Swindon through an Exercise to Music Level 2 qualification and for her to then run free street dance classes for 14- 25 year olds  in Swindon. 

Project two is a Sportivate project for the Foyer Homeless Shelter for 16- 25 year olds. This will be led by another volunteer who has benefited from WASP funding by completing his Level 2 UKCC Multi-Skills qualification, he will be running free a free sports session for 6 weeks for Foyer residence.

Project three is also run by another Youth volunteer, who has also had support from WASP into gaining his UKCC Level 2 Multi-Skills qualification. He will be running a session for 6 weeks for the Princes Trust in Swindon for 16- 25 years old's all not in education, employment or training. The Sportivate projects will help these young coaches to progress and give them a small income, they have all come from difficult backgrounds, all suffer from low self-esteem and some are even ex youth offenders or have been expelled from education so are looking to turn their lives around through sport. The Sportivate projects also benefit the participants as they have never had these opportunities before and can't normally afford to get active. Street Games Swindon is very grateful for the support WASP have given them.

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