Sportivate Project - Riding For Fitness

Riding For Fitness is aimed at anyone wanting to keep fit through riding, or learn to ride and keep fit. Rein and Shine

Rein & Shine riding centre and stables has been working with Wiltshire and Swindon Sport to put together a program called Riding for Fitness. This program has been able to gain Sportivate Funding and is aimed at anyone wanting to keep fit by horse riding. You can learn how to ride and find out new ways to keep fit. We are aiming this program at mainly at 11 year olds and upwards. If you’re looking for an innovative way to keep fit or get fitter this could be ideal. If you enjoy horse riding or would like to try riding for the first time you would be welcome as any ability can join in.                                                                   

This series of six sessions combines horse riding skills and a fitness program that will be written for you by a qualified fitness instructor and followed up after each session to establish and monitor progress. The fitness program will be designed to achieve maximum riding fitness to enable you to become a better rider, whilst also working on general fitness. Whether you are looking to lose some weight, or just want to get fitter then this program is for you. Each session will be approximately 90 minutes and includes riding,
with feedback from a BHS qualified instructor plus a fitness program monitored on each occasion by a qualified fitness instructor.

Water or refreshments of your choice will be provided and you will have ample time to discuss the session with our experts.

By the end of the 6 weeks you will know what exercises you need to do to keep in trim for riding and your riding will have improved so you can continue with this exhilarating and rewarding sport.

http://www.reinandshine.co.uk/ or call 01666 860068 poster for full details pdfRiding_For_Fitness_Poster.pdf511.63 KB  Details of our open days -pdfOpen_days_rein__shine.pdf932.5 KB 

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