Swindon Sports Forum Grants

Swindon Sports Forum

Swindon Borough Council  funded by Swindon Town Football Club’s Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) has provided the Swindon Sports Forum with funds to issue grants on an annual basis to sports clubs operating within the Borough of Swindon.

Aims of the Grants

The objective of the grants is to raise the standard of sport in Swindon at all levels and to increase inclusivity and participation in sport.
Standards can be raised through improving performance levels, upgrading facilities, developing coaches and increasing participation levels.

Who is eligible for Swindon Sports Forum Grants?

Applications can only be made by authorised officials of Sports Clubs (and individuals through their Sports Clubs) that operate in Swindon Borough.

The sports club must be;

  1. A member of the Swindon Sports Forum (Please register by contacting James Moss at VAS – (Contact details here) and attend Sport Forum meeting regularly
  2. Accredited to at least level 1 through Swindon Sports Forum or have achieved Clubmark status through WASP, Sport England or their own sport’s National Governing Body. If your club is not yet accredited – contact our grants officer Neil Bromley at neilg.bromley@ntlworld.com

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