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Sports Fundraising new platform to help local Sport

It is time to prepare for the launch of the new Podium Partners website. We are looking to recruit new appeals to kick start the launch of the new website .Podium Partners Logo

 Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP) has an innovative fundraising scheme for the benefit of those playing and involved in sport in Wiltshire and Swindon.

In association with Podium Partners, WASP want to help local people to develop their potential and to be able to support clubs looking for new equipment or facilities. This will add to a wide range of services already offered by Wiltshire and Swindon Sport that support sport locally.

WASP offer the opportunity for the local community sports organisations and athletes to promote their appeal on the Podium Partners Sports Funding website, enabling them to raise funds by bringing their appeal to the attention of the wider public and businesses.

Working with a charity such as Podium Partners allows donations to be eligible for Gift Aid which increases the value of each donation by reclaiming the basic rate of tax on the donation at no extra cost. This could convert every £10 donated to as much as £12.50* This means you can get a 20% better return on donations that other such platforms like - Just Giving, as the fees are taken from this gift aid not the amount donated. Therefore £100 will become £118 to you !

Steve Boocock CEO of WASP says “It’s a great new initiative and we have already had a really positive response from local clubs and athletes who are looking for funding to support their aspirations”.

Our objectives are as follows

  • To advance the education in sport of all people by the provision of support, assistance and encouragement, (so as to enable them to fulfill their potential)
  • To advance the education, development and improvement of people (mainly) through the provision of grants so as to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible citizens.
  • In addition, the trustees have the power to do anything which is calculated to further its objects or is conducive or incidental to doing so. 

We can now accept applications from any person or organisation where the purpose of the campaign is to “educate, develop and improve” through sport those taking part (where sport is defined as all types of physical activity that people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment)

It could be a campaign to get elderly people more active through Nordic Walking or Bowls, ethnic minority women playing running or disadvantaged kids enjoying cricket endless applications.

To apply now and for more information email Karel@podiumpartners.org or call 07917236619 or visit www.podiumpartners.org applications excepted any time throughout the year !

*Gross and assumes basic rate tax payer

Here some of the people that have already benefited from Crowdfunding campaigns !

Podium Partners Launch NEW improved Sportsfunding website

It is time to prepare for the launch of the new Podium Partners website. We are looking to recruit new appeals to kick start the launch of the new platform.

Are you wanting to raise money but just don't know how ? then this could be for you !

Podium Partners is 20% better return than any other Crowdfunding Platforms. You get 100% of the money you raise as we attract Gift Aid which turns £100 donation into £118.

We will offer you advice and support to make sure your Appeal  is a success and help you develop your crowd so you have a greater network by using our contacts and platforms such as website, newsletters, press releases and emails.

The new Podium Partners website brings some exciting new functionality that will help campaigns to be more effective with their promotions and fundraising activities.      

New functionality:

  • Sub-fundraising pages to main appeal: get your friends, family club members to run their own sub-fundraising pages !
  • Club membership / donations benefits: Find out how your membership fees can attract gift aid and raise money for your appeal !
  • Workplace match funding: Get your members employers and local businesses involved run a sponsored event / activity.
  • Ability to offer sponsorship opportunities: We are always looking for partners to sponsor pages on the Podium Partners website and appeals.
  • Marketing Support: How to promote your campaign / FAQ & Webinars - We can support you and advise you.
  • Shop facility details:  Clubs, organisations and schools can create and sell their own garments to help raise funds for their good cause using the online shop. There’s no cost, no stock holding and no contract our partner company Communitee look after everything for them including production, payments & fulfillment and customer service.The best part is all the profit goes straight to the main Podium Partners Appeal. They will need to set up an account with communitee.co.uk It couldn’t be simpler.


Join us at the next Webinar introducing the enw website and hot tips on how to market your appeal and get the most out of the fundraising platform.

Next Webinar is 29/6/17 at 14:00   Link to webinar registration - bit.ly/2rywp2R

Here is the link to our June Webinar in case you haven’t seen it yet and if you want to share it with your team and clubs and organisations.

Link to 6th April webinar recording - https://youtu.be/SV0FAadaIMI

Please get in touch if you need any advice, guidance or support while recruiting the campaigns leading up to the launch and let us know if your unable to attend the webinar, as we will be able to send he presentation out to you after the 29/6/17.

Karel Bretveld, CEO Podium Partners, Mobile: 07917236619, Email: Karel@podiumpartners.org

Podium Partners registered charity no: 1156597

Keep an eye on social media for posts and tweets which you can share an RT!  Facebook - @podiumpartners / Twitter - @podium_partners





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